Loss of man

Have you missed me, darlings? You might have noticed that my earlier prediction about a police report on a top politician has come to pass and Alex Rowley has been forced to step down as acting Scottish Labour leader. Don’t ever say Caroline doesn’t have her finger on the pulse.

Anyway, I’ve been far too busy to blog recently. Which brings me to the topic I want to discuss today – men.

You know I like men. I like them, I enjoy them, they make me happy but there’s something wrong with them.

In case you haven’t noticed, our men are killing themselves.

An official report on suicides in Scotland, published earlier this month says that from 2009-2015, 5,119 people killed themselves in Scotland and three out of four were men.

To put that into context, last year 473 people in Scotland died of a heroin overdose. Broadly speaking drugs kill about half as many people as suicide but we don’t have a “war on suicide”. We don’t have a huge national effort to stamp out suicide. We don’t employ the Navy and the customs service, the police and the courts all actively beavering away to tackle suicide.

It’s a far bigger problem and the statistics are beyond tragic. Like I said, three quarters of the victims are male, three quarters have no life partner, two thirds have a job and half of those who decided to take their own lives were aged 35 to 54.

The study is vast. It covers everything from age, method of death, attendance at hospital, every tiny detail.

A few things stand out for me – like the fact that care workers are highly likely to kill themselves – but the most important is the death toll amongst men. Why are our men killing themselves?

Of course, the most important thing to say is that people who kill themselves don’t want to die. They just want to die right there and then, on that day, at that moment. The lucky ones who fail very rarely go off and try again.

But there is a crisis overwhelming our men folk. It has built up over a generation as everything that men have been bred and conditioned to do for millennia is suddenly cast aside.

Men have been displaced. Women don’t want warriors, hunters, protectors, earners. We don’t even want fathers for our kids. We demand that they are still as strong and stoic as before – no blubbing – and then we kick them down the road. And who does that help? Does it help our sons who grow up with nobody to show them how to be what they are? Has the increase in modern feminism aided the increase in male suicide?

I love my horses, their beauty and their strength and their controlled power. That’s what men – the best of men – have and they should be applauded and loved and appreciated for it.

It’s up to women to save our men and we can start with our sons, value them, support them, tell them not to suffer in silence.

And now I’m going to go off and adorn myself for all men.

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